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    PGCA 2017The Postgraduate Advanced Certificate in Educational Studies: Educational Assessment is a one-year, part-time course at Master’s level (Level 7) is offered by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment.

    In our blended learning programme, you will learn through a range of interactions – online forums, live online sessions, face-to-face meetings – as well as through your own reading and research. Guided by your tutors, you will review the purposes of assessment and look critically at the concept of validity, and the way in which validity has evolved over time. You will also critically evaluate standard setting, consistency and reliability in assessment. This  in-depth analysis will develop your ability to critique the validity and quality of assessment in general and vocational qualifications. 

    The course is designed to be iterative, inviting you to explore the key concepts of assessment from different angles and to revisit and deepen your understanding of these concepts. Throughout this Master's level course, you will read and critically reflect on the assessment literature, including academic research papers and theoretical discussions about key concepts. You will also develop your skills in research methodologies through a series of specific sessions. These will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of academic research. Conferring with colleagues as well as your tutors, and drawing on your reading and your own experience, you will ultimately undertake a small scale enquiry into an assessment-related issue.

    In this short taster course, you’ll be able to get an idea of some of the issues you’ll explore, as well as the kind of literature you’ll need to engage with when you do this course.